Who Makes FVP Batteries for Menards? Quick Answer!

FVP batteries are considered one of the best batteries to date, and they are an ideal battery choice for Menards. However, have you ever thought about who makes FVP batteries for Menards?

FVP batteries are mainly produced by two well-known companies, AtlasBX and Exide. However, many small companies have also taken part in making these batteries. Not all the companies have succeeded, as it’s not an easy task to make high-quality engineered batteries.

So, here we’ll let you know some of the essential facts about these batteries and the famous types of these FVP batteries available.

Who Makes FVP Batteries for Menards?

FVP batteries are designed to withstand extreme vibration and stress and can also perform a task under the most demanding conditions. 

They are also a pretty reliable brand in the automotive battery industry. So as a user of FVP batteries, you might wonder who makes these batteries.

Exide and AtlasBX America Corporation are the primary manufacturers of most of these batteries. And both these companies are famous for making durable and OE quality batteries.

Although, AtlasBX makes the majority of FVP batteries. AtlasBX was founded in 1944 and is a multinational company from South Korea. Since 2017, they have been operating their U.S-based products in Nashville.

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However, a portion of the whole battery is produced by Exide, and in most cases, this portion of the battery is made in India.

In 2020, AtlasBX opened a huge facility in Clarksville, TN, for manufacturing FVP batteries. This facility has an area of around 40 acres and is mainly focused on manufacturing lead-acid batteries.

Exide is also a multinational battery company from India. It also has branches in Sri Lanka. They also have facilities for manufacturing in Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Haryana, and Maharashtra.

However, Exide isn’t responsible for producing high-quality batteries for FVP. Instead, they make the cheaper versions. It’s a misconception that these affordable battery versions aren’t reliable, but that’s not true. These cheap batteries can also be pretty effective and durable.

Are FVP Batteries Any Good?

FVP batteries’ reputation increased due to their outstanding service and reliability. So, yes, FVP batteries are one of the best deals, and below are the reasons that make these batteries one of the best of the best.

High-Quality at a Fair Price

The high-quality FVP batteries come at a fair price, and their durability and OE quality makes this battery an ideal choice for most customers.

These batteries also have OEM-original equipment components that get along amazingly well with automobiles, trucks, and vehicles. The FVP batteries also make an excellent battery choice for RVs, boats, and yard applications.

Prevents Plate Degradation

FVP batteries are designed in a special way to prevent plate degradation and material shredding. Moreover, as they contain a greater density paste, they have a longer lifetime and a higher energy density.

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Guarantees to Not Damage Your Appliances

These batteries also come with the assurance that they won’t cause any harm to your machines. All the battery designs are made with extra effort to ensure no flaws whatsoever. This is why this battery is also considered one of the safest and most secure batteries.

Plate Upgrade

With time, the plate design of FVP batteries has improved. Upgraded plate design decreases the common failure mechanisms that occur in long-cycle batteries. That’s not all; it even allows your appliances to work smoothly and stay more durable.

The Best Types of FVP Batteries Available

There are many types of FVP batteries on the market. However, to help you choose the best ones, we have shortlisted the most powerful and reliable FVP batteries for you.


The most famous FVP 49 AGM automotive battery contains an Absorbed Glass Mat separator, and its function is to provide a significant starting point while you cycle. Nowadays, people use FVP’s AGM batteries the most for current models of passenger vehicles and light trucks.

FVP Lawn and Recreational Batteries

All power tractors and recreational vehicles have specific requirements that must be met. And FVP’s lawn and the garden battery can meet all these demands. It has a range of batteries for different recreational vehicles and power tractors.

Moreover, all the FVP’s lawn and garden batteries are designed to work under severe conditions with perfection and reliability.


This marine battery has the power to handle stress and high vibration levels. They are also built to withstand the most extreme conditions yet provide a seamless user experience. In contrast, with this version of the FVP, you’ll get all the necessary qualities at a reasonable price.

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Bottom line

AtlasBX and Exide are the two companies that make FVP batteries for Merands. Moreover, these batteries are also pretty affordable compared to the amazing services they provide.

So, if you want your appliances to work smoothly and provide the best performances, then these batteries should be at the top of your “must-have” list.

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