Ruthenium vs. Iridium Spark Plugs (Explained)

In general, Ruthenium is more corrosion-resistant, efficient than iridium. NGK says Ruthenium plugs can last 200,000 miles (321,000 km). Iridium spark plugs last 120 000 miles or 193000 kilometers. Ruthenium technology improves engine durability and performance.

Ruthenium and iridium are essential to engine components used in the vehicle industry. They are critical in igniting the gasoline, which allows the engine to function. Furthermore, fuel capacity and overall performance are influenced.

As we know, our car engine’s spark plug needs replacement after a long period of use. Both ruthenium and iridium have high-quality performance and fantastic durability. So, among all the spark plugs, these 2 are the best choices. 

Both have their efficiency, so there is a conflict about ruthenium vs. Iridium spark plugs. Let us explain to you the details of each spark plug so that you can easily decide which one suits your requirements.

What Is a Ruthenium Spark Plug?

Spark plugs are manufactured with the latest components to upgrade more extended spark life, extraordinary performance, and better spark transmission. The founder NGK has developed the newest spark plugs, which are ruthenium spark plugs. These metal ruthenium plugs are used to create electrodes with these. 

Ruthenium spark plugs are newly manufactured spark plugs.  These spark plugs are developed from a solid, rare metal that withstands high heat. Ruthenium metal is used in spark plugs to resist unwanted corrosion.  

They outperform platinum in comparison. With a ruthenium spark plug, your car’s engine will run more smoothly and last longer than before.

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Ruthenium has a very high-temperature melting point. It needs almost 4233°F to melt. However, when it comes to the alloy, this one is more corrosion-resistant and resistant to oxidation than iridium. In addition, it is widely utilized in electrical connections to increase wear resistance.

What Is an Iridium Spark Plug?

Because of their endurance, iridium spark plugs are among the most preferred. Iridium is known as the densest and long-lasting metal on the planet. This implies that your car’s engine will run cleaner and more smoothly if you update to an iridium spark plug.

With a high melting point of 4471° or 2466 °C, iridium can withstand high engine heat as well as it is entirely wear-proof. This is what makes it a stable metal. It is also as expensive as platinum because of its quality. Besides, an Iridium spark plug can last from 120000 miles to 193000 miles. 

Depending on the car’s efficiency, it can survive a maximum of 2,410,000 km. These spark plugs have very high-quality combustion, which has enhanced their fuel economy and horsepower over other spark plugs. 

Your engine will run smoothly when you change your car’s spark plugs and install iridium spark plugs. Moreover, the engine will not need much effort to continue the combustion system.

Ruthenium vs. Iridium Spark Plugs

Ruthenium and iridium are the coolest and most effective spark plugs in the automotive market. That’s why people get confused about which one to pick. To clear up all your significant confusion, we’ve listed the differences between these two. Have a look at these details.   

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Ruthenium spark plugs have two types of structure: 

  • Double fine electrode
  • Projected square platinum electrode.

The fine double electrode is used for increasing the ignitibility. It also reduces the discharges of low-temperature ones. It is considered the best plug for the applications of non-turbo. 

On the other hand, PSPE is perfect for turbo and supercharged engines.

While talking about iridium spark plugs, we don’t see any variation in design and structure. 


Ruthenium spark plugs outperform iridium spark plug competitors due to their extreme durability. NGK claims that ruthenium spark plugs outlast the platinum family and other components. 

The essential point is that ruthenium spark plugs last twice as long as iridium spark plugs.  Furthermore, ruthenium beats iridium under adverse weather conditions as well.


Ruthenium has a reputation for high ignitability and the fastest fuel response.  It provides excellent acceleration and complete fuel burn to give a cold start. As it allows for a quick and cool start, the engine exhaust will release only a tiny amount of raw gas into the air. 

Iridium also gives a fast response in terms of the starting. So, that the engine accelerator gets an immediate improvement, you will get two different but positive experiences with both spark plugs. 

Potentiality of Fuel 

Undoubtedly, the used spark plugs will not be as efficient as the latest ones.

Without any confusion, the ruthenium spark plug increases the potentiality of fuel for your car.

When you install a ruthenium spark plug, your car will start easier and take less time to run the combustion system. So, you can observe how your car’s fuel potential will last for a long time.

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On the other hand, iridium also makes improvements to the fuel economy of a car. But when we compare these two, the efficiency rate is as good as the rutheniumspark plug.

Are Ruthenium Spark Plugs Worth It or Iridium Spark Plugs? 

The significant difference between ruthenium and Iridium spark plugs is that iridium is more costly. On the other hand, ruthenium plugs’ prices seem to be reasonable. And they are comparatively more long-lasting. 

So, when you are considering cost and durability, ruthenium spark plugs are a better choice than iridium.  

But when we research more, we can see that iridium has a very high melting point than ruthenium.  This helps the engine run long and enables it to utilize the fuel properly.  

As you can see, both plugs are efficient from different angles. And both of them are reliable options and provide incredible performance. So, you can opt for any of these spark plugs. 

No matter which plugs you select, always remember to give importance to your personal preference. 


If you are heading to buy a new spark plug for your car, you must know the differences between the available spark plugs. So, you can pick the perfect one for your car’s engine.

From the discussion on Ruthenium vs. Iridium spark plugs, you must be aware of the beneficial values of each plug. Now prioritize your needs and buy the best and latest spark plug for your car.    

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