Diehard vs. Duralast Batteries (What Are the Differences?)

Car batteries are one of the most confusing and important parts of any car, and if you are planning to replace yours, you might be demented over the multitude of choices out there.

But if you are really going for the best of the best, then two brands that will come up on top are Diehard and Duralast. So, Diehard vs. Duralast batteries, which one should you choose?

That is the question that we will answer in this article. We will go through the pros and cons of both of the batteries and show which variations are the best so that you can decide who is the best.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details, shall we?

Diehard vs. Duralast Batteries: Detail Comparison

Now, let’s take a look at the major factors that decide how good a battery really is:

# Battery Type

The first thing that we should look at is the battery type. There are two types of batteries in the market:

  1. Flooded Lead-Acid Battery
  2. AGM or Absorbent Glass Mat Battery

1. Flooded Lead-Acid Battery

These types of batteries are mainly used for old car models that don’t come with modern components. They are arguably the most used deep cycle solar battery that we have been using for generations.

To define what flooded lead-acid batteries are, we can say that these batteries contain electrolyte that is in liquid form. It triggers the chemical reaction that provides power to the engine.

The chemical components are spread openly around the battery and can be accessed quite easily. That’s why when these are connected with a vehicle; the acid instantly bonds with the lead plates. Thus, causing an electric reaction that drives electricity via the connected circuit.

For this reason, you will find these batteries in old cars most of the time rather than the new models.

Both Diehard and Duralast offer these batteries. But Diehard flooded lead-acid batteries seem to offer a bit more optimized performance compared to the ones Duralast provides.

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2. Absorbent Glass Mat Battery

This type of battery follows the same principle as a flooded lead-acid battery. But one key difference is that all the chemicals (sulfuric acid, lead) are kept inside fiberglass mats. That’s why they are called absorbent glass batteries.

Due to the chemical components being in fiberglass, lead management becomes easier. The overall weight is reduced as the chemicals aren’t moving around, and the power delivery becomes much more efficient.

Almost every new type of car use AGM batteries, and Diehard and Durlast offer various models for these type of batteries. In this field, Diehard batteries offer better performance and, in some specific models, a higher battery life.

But against most Diehard batteries, the Duralast takes the first place for longevity with decent performance stats.

# Battery Variations

Apart from types, there are quite a few kinds of Diehard batteries that you can get on the market. The most common ones are: the Diehard platinum, Diehard platinum AGM, Diehard gold, Diehard silver and Diehard red.

On the other hand, the Duralast has only two variations: Duralast Gold and Duralast Platinum.

So, if you are looking for variety, then the clear winner is Diehard batteries, as they offer three extra variations compared to the Duralast batteries.

# Voltage

Next is the voltage of the batteries. The general or standard voltage for a car battery is 12 DC volts. These volts are divided into 6 cases on a battery, where each case contains 2 volts.

Both Diehard and Duralast offer 12 Volts of DC charge, but that being said, some models of Duralast Platinum offer 6 volts. But these are for older models of vehicles only.

So, in general, both Duralast and Diehard are the winner in the voltage category as both of them offers 12 DC volts without any issue.

# Cranking Amps

The number or the total amount of amps that a battery can generate in half a minute at 32-degree Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius is regarded as the cranking amps.

A good battery should hold at least 1.2 volts or 0.1 amps for each of its cells. This is not an issue for either of the batteries, as both can provide good amp outputs.

But if we compare the results, Diehard is the clear winner if we consider the cranking amps. Without a doubt, they are able to outmatch Duralast on every cranking amps marker.

# CCA or Cold Cranking Amps

The CCA of a battery or the cold-cranking amps is the rating that determines a battery’s capability to power up the engine in a cold environment.

Engines tend to slow down during winter. It is very common. And if you want to avoid that, there is no other way than to pick up an engine that offers a good CCA.

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Duralast engines offer good cold-cranking amps that score around 810 A to 710 A. But Diehard batteries offer the best cold-cranking amps score, from a whopping 900 A to 575 A. Thus, they are also the clear winner over Duralast batteries if we are considering CCA.

But do keep in mind that the cold cranking amps of Duralast aren’t bad. They are actually quite high compared to other car batteries and can be a good choice if you plan on using them in a cold environment.

# Reserve Capacity

Many confuse reserve capacity’s definition and think of it as the capability of an automobile battery to hold charge or electricity. Well, that is completely wrong because car batteries don’t have the ability to store or reserve electricity by any means.

Reserve capacity is a term used to define how many minutes a car’s battery can produce 25 amps at 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 26 degrees Celsius. It needs to be done without lowering the minimum voltage to 1.75 volts for each cell.

This is where Duralast takes the win over Diehard batteries. Most diehard batteries offer a reserve capacity of around 140 minutes to 90 minutes.

On the other hand, most diehard batteries offer a reserve capacity of 115 minutes to 80 minutes. That being said, the Diehard Platinum Absorbent Glass Mat offers a reserve capacity of 160 minutes.

This is just one battery that stands over all the others when it comes to performance. But if we count the overall results, Duralast is the clear winner in this section.

# Pricing and Warranty

The pricing of the batteries varies depending on their size, additional features, and overall quality. In this case, both of the batteries offer similar pricing with an increase or decrease here or there.

Diehard takes the lead in the warranty department as they offer 3 years of warranty services while Duralast only offers 2 years of warranty.

Head to Head Comparison Chart – Diehard Vs. Duralast Batteries

FeaturesDiehard BatteriesDuralast Batteries
Type of BatteryAGM batteries: Filled with Lead AcidAGM batteries: Filled with Lead Acid
Different ModelsDiehard Platinum
SilverDiehard Red
GoldDuralast Platinum
Group SizeThere are various group sizes to choose from.There are various group sizes to choose from.
Cranking AmpsCranking Amps are different for each model.Cranking Amps are different for each model.
Cold Cranking AmpsEach model has different CCA.Each model has different CCA.
Reserve CapacityModel Specific, DifferentModel Specific, Different
VoltageEvery model has nearly the same voltageEvery model has nearly the same voltage
WarrantyDifferent models have different replacement warranties.Different models have different replacement warranties.
Longevity3-5 Years in Average3-5 Years in Average
Diehard Vs. Duralast Batteries

So, Who’s the Winner, Diehard Vs. Duralast?

Well, now that we have gone through every key factor that decides the quality of a good battery, we can point out the pros of both Diehard and Duralast batteries.

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# Pros of Diehard Batteries

The advantages that you will enjoy with Diehard batteries are:

  • Better Cranking and Cold Cranking Amps
  • 3 years of warranty
  • Longevity

# Pros of Duralast Batteries

You will enjoy the following benefits from Duralast batteries:

  • Relatively high reserve capacity
  • Low pricing compared to a few other car engines

Now, do keep in mind the low pricing is very specific and is mostly found in flooded acid battery variations.

So, we can see Diehard battery offers better overall performance and promotes good longevity compared to the Duralast batteries. On the other hand, Duralast doesn’t fall short in most categories and also advances in some cases.

Therefore, it really is up to you to decide which one of these two batteries is the best. If you want the best performance and higher battery life, Diehard batteries are the clear winner. But if you want the best balanced among the two, then going with Duralast batteries is the safest option.


Are Duralast and DieHard batteries the same?

No, they aren’t same in attributes but produced by the same company. These can be found at AutoZone stores.

Who makes DieHard and Duralast batteries?

Both Duralast and Diehard batteries are manufactured by Clarios, LLC; which is the same company. But each battery of either one is very different from the other.

Is DieHard battery good?

Yes. The diehard battery is an example of a high-quality battery. There are five different types of Diehard batteries available for purchase.

Is Duralast battery good?

The most reliable option is unquestionably found in Duralast automobile batteries. The Duralast Gold battery is the most popular option among all of the different Duralast choices available.

How long do DieHard batteries last?

The lifespan of DieHard batteries ranges anywhere from three to five years. However, the battery’s longevity is affected by a variety of factors, including the conditions of the air and the temperature, the amount of time spent driving, and the type of charging system used.

How long do Duralast batteries last?

On average, the performance of Duralast batteries can be expected to last between three and five years. Therefore, you should feel comfortable using a Duralast battery for the full amount of time that is specified before you should consider replacing the battery. Despite this, you should be aware that the Duralast platinum batteries have a longer lifespan, despite the fact that they appear to be fairly expensive.

Final Thoughts

Both Diehard batteries and Duralast batteries are made by AutoZone. Thus there are quite a few similarities among them. That is why differentiating them can be a bit difficult for newcomers and professionals alike.

But if you have come this far in this article, we are confident that you now know the key differences between Diehard batteries and Duralast batteries.

Hopefully, this answers all of your concerns regarding both of these magnificent car batteries, and you can find a winner of Diehard vs. Duralast batteries.

Best of luck!

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