How to Detect 6.0 Powerstroke ICP Sensor Failure? Symptoms Explained

Ford Powerstroke 6.0 was a good engine used in the Ford trucks manufactured until 2007. Despite being a really good engine, a common problem with the engines is the ICP sensor going bad.

But when it is going bad, there are quite a few symptoms that will tell you exactly what steps you should take. And that is why, in this article, you will learn how to detect ICP Sensor 6.0 Powerstroke symptoms. But before that, let’s know about a few things –

What Is an ICP Sensor?

ICP stands for Injection Control Pressure. An ICP sensor detects the pressure of the oil that the injectors are feeding off of in the 6.0 Powerstroke. It is basically responsible for measuring the pressure in the high-pressure oil circuit.

The ICP sensor is a part of the engine itself, providing information regarding the pressure to be applied for the vehicle to run smoothly. It also reports on the fuel delivery amount, depending on the current conditions of driving.

So, it is pretty clear now that this is a very important part of the engine, and you should be aware of the symptoms of the sensor going back. Let’s know about that now!

How to Detect 6.0 Powerstroke ICP Sensor Failure? Symptoms

A faulty ICP might show you a lot of symptoms. However, some symptoms do not automatically mean that the ICP is faulty. Rather, there could be a problem in some other part of the engine.

Below is a list of all the symptoms that could mean there is a possibility of a faulty ICP sensor in your truck.

# Engine Stuttering

If you notice any rough idling or engine stutter, that could be a symptom of a faulty ICP sensor in your 6.0 Powerstroke. Along with this, you might also experience stalling, bucking, or surging.

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# Problems with the Start

If you have a faulty ICP sensor, you might experience a long crank condition or a really hard start. It is because when you would try to start the engine, it will be treated as a system failure.

In more extreme cases, the engine might not start at all. That is when you know your ICP has gone totally bad, and you need to get it changed as soon as possible.

# Misfires

Engine misfires are one of the biggest symptoms of a bad or a faulty ICP sensor in your Ford 6.0 Powerstroke. Usually, a bad ICP sensor can get in the way of a proper fuel mixture. And this exactly is the reason behind the engine misfires.

And this will eventually lead to a compromise in the performance of your truck overall in all other facets.

# Performance Significantly Going Down

If you have a faulty ICP sensor, you will immediately notice that your vehicle is not performing the way it should. There would arise many issues in the acceleration and the power of the vehicle.

When you try to accelerate fast, you will face issues doing so. The power of the truck would go down discernibly. On top of the power being compromised, you will notice the fuel is running out way too often. You should get your ICP sensor checked if this happens.

# Symbols on the Dashboard

Obviously, if anything happens to your car or your engine, the dashboard will illuminate some kind of signal to identify it. And there is no exception in this case either.

As mentioned before, the ICP sensor is a part of the engine. So, the ‘check the engine’ will be illuminated if any error in the ICP sensor is detected by the system.

# Codes on the Screen

Different engine codes can appear on the computer screen, which will tell you about a faulty ICP sensor. 2285, 2286, or 2287 are the engine codes that can tell you to give the ICP sensor of your 6.0 Powerstroke a check.

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# Issues with the Brake

This is rather a rarer symptom, and not a lot of people see this in their trucks if they have a faulty ICP sensor. But problems with brakes are still a risk nonetheless.

Sometimes due to having a bad ICP sensor, the brakes might get locked and not function properly. This can lead to serious accidents that can cost you a lot. So, if any of the above symptoms are seen, it is best to get your ICP sensor changed.

What to Do If You Detect A Bad ICP sensor 6.0 Powerstroke?

If any of these symptoms show up, you should check and diagnose your ICP sensor.

You can check the monitor on your vehicle to check the ICP voltage and pressure to make sure it is right. What’s more, you should also make sure that the ICP and the PCM pigtail are connected properly by the harness.

But if you cannot even start your vehicle, you should reconnect the ICP after looking for electrical noises. If that does not work out, totally disconnect the ICP and get a new ICP sensor installed as soon as possible.

Another thing you can do is get the ICP sensor out and check for oil in it. If you have any oil or oily residue on the sensor, you got yourself a bad or faulty sensor, and it needs to be changed.

You can either do it by getting a mechanic. But if you want to save some money, you can do it yourself. Keep in mind that the installation process would differ depending on the model of your truck.

If you have a 2003-2004 6.0 Powerstroke, it will be one way. And if you have a newer truck from between 2004 to 2007, the installation process will be a tad different. This is something to keep in mind if you are doing it yourself.

How Expensive Is the Installation of a New ICP Sensor On 6.0 Powerstroke?

The amount of money you will need to spend to get your vehicle a new ICP sensor is dependent on some factors.

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It depends on whether you get a technician to do it for you or do it yourself, where you get it done, and where you get the new sensor.

The ICP sensor will cost anywhere between 150 to 200 dollars, depending on which one you get, where you get it from, and what deal you can get.

Then comes the cost of labor of installing the ICP sensor. The technician will take 100 to 150 dollars, depending on your truck’s model and where you take your service from.

Lastly, for the pigtail connector, you will end up spending 20 dollars to a whopping 60 dollars, depending on what type of deal you can get and which brand of products you get.

So, in total, you might end up spending anywhere from 270 to 410 dollars. But of course, these are just rough estimates, and they could very well change depending on a lot of factors.

How Often Should You Inspect Or Service An ICP sensor On 6.0 Powerstroke?

The ICP sensor doesn’t need frequent checks. ICP failure is rare nowadays. Some sensors are unreliable, though.

Even though the sensor may not malfunction, it should be checked and maintained routinely.

When you inspect the engine, look at the pigtail and ICP connections. Check the ICP and PCM connections as well.

Final Words

Just like any other part of the engine, the ICP sensor is a vital part. And if anything were to happen to it, the best idea would be to get it diagnosed and changed as soon as possible.

And now that you know how to detect ICP Sensor 6.0 Powerstroke symptoms, it will be your responsibility to keep an eye out for them. Take the needed steps to make sure that your vehicle is in proper and top-notch condition.

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