BrakeBest Select vs Duralast: Who is the Winner?

To drive safely, we need good brakes. BrakeBest Select and Duralast are two brake pad brands available in the aftermarket. Both companies produce auto parts, and neither has an advantage over the other. However, I found Duralast to be the safest smooth brake.

BrakeBest Select vs Duralast: Overview

Well, Bosch produces each of BrakeBest Select and Duralast’s brake pads. Yet, label brands of these two brake pads from O’Reilly Auto Parts and Autozone, respectively. The consensus is that both brands are promoted as low-cost brake pad brands.

However, BrakeBest Select pads are a bit cheaper than Duralast pads. Both BrakeBest Select and Duralast brake pads are available in semi-metallic and ceramic versions so that you can have the same options for both brands regarding the material used for their pads.

Duralast Brake

According to the brand, these brake pads are silent and robust. Additionally, they create less noise and less vibration. Also, these powder-coated backing plates are excellent for rust resistance; the pads are also very reasonably priced.

There are matching sets of pads and rotors. They are specifically developed for those models of cars and belong to the same series. A different line of Duralast Elite brake pads is designed for high-end and foreign vehicles.

BrakeBest Brake

Bosch’s pads are made in India. They use a ceramic formulated to be identical to the original equipment. A multi-layer rubberized shim was installed for soundproofing, making the structure slightly pliable. They include high-quality stainless steel fasteners in the kit.

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But about their stainless steel hardware- the shims are the wrong size, and BrakeBest said it’d built that way. These troublesome steels are in the BrakeBest Ceramic Disc line.

Winner: Duralast Brake.

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BrakeBest vs. Duralast Calipers

As we know, the purpose of the brake calipers is to create friction with the brake rotors to slow down the speed of the vehicle’s wheels. So, when we apply pressure to the brake pedal, the braking fluid in the caliper puts pressure on the pistons, forcing the brake pads against the brake rotor, which causes our vehicle to slow down.

Both calipers have been coated and tested to guarantee they operate as expected by the manufacturer. Both of them come with a lifetime guarantee. Before purchasing a caliper, however, it is important to ensure that it is compatible with your vehicle.

BrakeBest’s calipers are rubber-sealed, and the company claims that all of its components are brand-new, although many of their category calipers are inexpensive.

They lack a variety of colors, and others claim they are not OEM-compliant. There are a variety of Duralast calipers made specifically for various types of automobiles.

11 Easy Steps to Change Your Brake Pads

Knowing which brake pads will work best for your car is essential, but if you want to know how to change your brakes, you’ll also have a thorough understanding of the steps to replace brake pads. Changing the brake pad is simple if you know the procedure.

So, how hard is it to change the brake pad? If all goes as planned, the procedure should only take about one hour. The steps to follow to change your brake pad-

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Step 1. Get your car jacked up and install a jack stand.

Step 2. After loosening lug nuts, remove the wheel.

Step 3. From the rear of the brake lever, find these two slider bolts/ slider pins. There is an upper and a lower. If you’re swapping brake pads, you’ll only need to take out the lower bolt. However, when replacing the pads or calipers, you’ll have to remove both bolts.

Step 4. If you’ve only removed the bolt on the bottom and the top bolt, now you can pivot the lever upwards, exposing the pads of your brakes.

Step 5. A pair of clamps serve to keep the brake pads in place. The pads of the clips can be removed once the caliper is out of the way. Take the clips off after you’ve taken the pads off.

Step 6. New brake pads likely came with new clips, which you should install immediately. Clips can be secured without screws. Clips come in right-handed and left-handed varieties; use the right one for the vehicle’s side.

Step 7. Slip the brand new brake pads onto the clips.

Step 8. Before installing the caliper again, you must lower the pistons that actuate the pads on your brakes. You will need a c-clamp to accomplish this or use a device such as a 2×4 to push the pistons back to their normal position.

Step 9. Retracting the pistons will send braking fluid to the master cylinder, so ensure it is not overflowing. Using a turkey baster, remove some brake fluid if it’s likely to spill.

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Step 10. After you have the pistons fully retracted, you will be capable of replacing the caliper.

Step 11. Install the slider bolts again and reattach the wheel, and you have done it!


Most say there is no clear winner when comparing BrakeBest Select vs. Duralast. But we have a choice explained before. However, BrakeBest products are slightly less expensive, but the difference isn’t significant. In terms of overall quality, these two brands are nearly identical.

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