275/70R17 vs 285/70R17 Tire Comparison

Just knowing the size of your tires can never be enough. You must analyze the matters broadly and learn several factors regarding 275/70R17 vs 285/70R17 Tire. 

Comparing the tires, we realized 275/70R17 and 285/70R17 aren’t substitutable. Although both are meant to be used with a 17-inch rim, they come in different sizes and specifications. The 285/70R17 tires are 0.55 inches bigger than 275/70717 tires. While 275 tires are for highways, 285s are for heavy-duty usage. One can choose either. 

However, there is other stuff you need to learn while choosing the tire. Let’s get started with those. 

How Big Is a 275/70R17 Tire? 

The tire we’re talking about is designed to catch up with the 17-inch wheel rim. Knowing the size in detail will help you pick up the right tire better. 

Width– in width, a 275 tire is 275 millimeters (10.83 inches).

Sidewall Height– 192.5 millimeters would be the sidewall height, which is 7.58 inches.

Compatibility– the tire is compatible with all vehicles with 17-inch wheel rims. 

How Big Is a 285/70R17 Tire? 

To determine whether your vehicle will be compatible with 285 tires, you must affirm the tire size first. 

Width- the size width of 285 tires is 285 millimeters (11.22 inches).

Sidewall Height- a 285 tire is 199.5 millimeters in the sidewall height; the height is 7.85 inches.

Compatibility- A 285 tire will fit a 17-inch wheel rim.

Table comparing 275 70R17 and 285 70R17 

A comparison table between the tires would help summarize the whole deal. 

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Factors 275/70R17285/70R17Distinctions 
Width inches10.8311.22-0.39 (-3.5%)
Circumstance inches101.03102.76-1.73 (-1.7%)
Diameter Inches31.1632.71-0.55 (-1.7%)
Revs Per Mile627.17616.610.57 (1.7%)
Sidewall Heights7.587.85-0.28 (-3.5%)
Aspect Ratio %70700

Although the tires are specified for the same wheel rim, there are massive differences among the other elements. So, if you ever plan on switching to another size, ensure you’re hitting all of them. 

Are 285/70R17 and 2750R17 interchangeable?

The fact that the tires are talking about can fit into the exact size of the wheel rim; people tend to think that they are replaceable. But they are not. The size of the tires isn’t a couple of numbers. The overall performance and many other things depend on this specific choice. So it needs to be perfect. 

You are to calculate the width, sidewall height, rim diameter size, Revs per mile, construction type, and many other significant facts affiliated with your requirements which differ from the tire to tire.  If you switch one tire with another class, there’s a rich possibility of unfortunate accidents. 

Find out in 4 Ways Why 265/70r17 and 275/70r17 are Different.

A huge thing is four significant factors that can instantly tell you about the size of that tire. Wondering what those factors can be? Let’s face the elaborated forms of those characteristics. 


Have you ever noticed the numbers on the tire size index? The first three digits among those numbers demonstrate the width of that tire.  You’ll see the 285 and 275 tires coming with the width inches of 285 and 275 millimeters, respectively. 

So, the difference between the width inches of both tires is 10 millimeters, and 285/70R17 comes with larger width inches. 

Aspect Ratio

Right after the width inches, the size index involves the Aspect ratio. So the aspect ratio of 275/70R17 and 28570R18 is 70. The most significant thing that aspect ratio does is tell the sidewall height. When we find 285/70R17 with a 70% aspect ratio, it simply means the sidewall height of this tire is 70% of the width. 

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Determining the Aspect Ratio isn’t that difficult. The numbers after width In the size index indicate the tire’s aspect ratio. 

Construction Type

The size index talks about the construction type of your tire too. You’ll find the letter ‘R’ on both of the tires. That letter indicates to the Radial Constitution. There are no differences in the construction type of the tires. Both are designed in a sophisticated way featuring square footprints. 

On-road riding is good with that construction type. On the other hand, some tires come with a ‘B’ letter, which means bias-ply style. That is ideal for off-road riding. 

Rim Diameter

The last two digits of the index size mean the rim diameter. Since both come tagging 17 as the last two digits of the size index, they fit into a 17-inch diameter wheel rim. 

But there’s another thing that you need to know. 285 tires go with most vehicles that have a 17-inch diameter wheel rim. But the 275s can be used with some specific vehicle models. 

Are There Big Differences Between 285 And 275 Tires?

There are vital differences between 285 and 275 tires. If you want something pocket friendly, then you can choose 275. But you need to understand the fact that 275 can’t be the replacement for 285. That is for highway usage and comes with a lightweight. 

On the other hand, if you look at 285, you will see the rigid construction. As a result, 285s are extremely capable of heavy-duty rough usage. However, they are a bit expensive and heavy. Off-roading can be well dealt with this tire. 

Why Is 285/70R17 More Expensive Than 275/70R17 Tire?

While contradicting the tires, one of the most notable variations is their value. 285 tires are the expensive ones depending on some particular aspects. 

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Compatibility- it has been found that 285 tires are cordial with most SUVs and light trucks. The deeper treads will ensure so. But 275 tires do not offer such a wide range. 

Construction- just looking at the 285s will make you realize they are solid and great for heavy-duty off-roading. On the other hand, one of the drawbacks of 275s is they can be used just for highways. 

Sizes- 275s are smaller than 285s speedometer and diameter inches. The expensive ones will offer you a 1.7% extra speedometer frequency. 

Is 285 Tire Better Than 275 Tire In Width?

Yes, 285 tires come with 3.5% extra width, creating more stability and protection. On rainy days, wider tires will accompany you like bliss. Although you will face minor issues about wear and tear, you get massive heat absorbent in return. 

Including wet terrains, they can act satisfactorily with every landscape. The wider tires will reduce the risks of hydroplaning immensely. So that you can ride safely, whether it’s a highway or an off-road. But with the width of 275 tires, all of these aren’t as manageable as it sounds. So people consider 285s better in width than 275s. 

Final Verdict 

As we’re on the verge of our article, we think the differences between 285 and 275 tires are pretty neat to you now. So, when you try to conclude the fact by asking 275/70R17 vs 285/70R17 Tire, we would like to say that those tires can not be exchangeable. You can compare the tires with the help of our article to find the best pick for you. 

The bottom line is after checking your vehicle’s compatibility, and you can choose 285 tires for off-roading and 275s for highway usage. 

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